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BABY! [Apr. 15th, 2006|12:52 am]
Baby Kai is now almost 8 months old... he's awesome. baby pics are at (copy n paste time) photos.nikkiq.com

I hate live journal... Myspace is much better. www.myspace.com/ali316 hit me up if you've not already.
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PREGNANT!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! YES! [Feb. 21st, 2005|11:07 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

My first entry in many many moons, i'd work it out by seeing how many months there've been since my last post here, but then you have the hassle of blue moons and i don't know when they occured... so fuck dat shit... anyhow.. as the subject heading says... PREGNANT!!! not me personally, if i was do you think i'd be at work typing this at 11pm? shit no.. i'd be off with my millions of pounds somewhere else!!!!

NIKKI IS PREGNANT!!! I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!! Something that i've always wanted and the ultimate cherry on the icing of the most wonderful, loving and sincere relationship i've ever had. I am quite possibly the happiest bunny ever!!

woooo!!!!!! NIKKI IS PREGNANT!!!!
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stolen from nikkiq who stole it from raivyn [Jun. 8th, 2004|04:09 pm]
Love Level: 100%

Name 1:
Name 2:

From Go-Quiz.com
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FIRST EVER BOOK PUBLISHED!! [May. 30th, 2004|05:54 pm]
well.. by me anyway.... ;)

It can be found, along with pieces from it at http://www.alionline.co.uk

so... go to the link. read a little about the book. and then but it for the measly sum of $14 plus P+P
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yay... [Feb. 18th, 2004|12:45 am]
yay.. it's my birthday. great. 25th. joy.
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movie rating [Dec. 26th, 2003|08:49 pm]

My life has been rated:


Click the image to see what your rating is!

and this means?? :

Suitable for 18 years or older. This is real life. Anything in this category is considered to be of subject matter relating to adult life, that happens day in and day out. Walking down the street is an 18 certificate. You have a life, well done.
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bad things [Dec. 24th, 2003|06:40 pm]
[mood |shockedshocked]

Well.. as you've probably seen on nikkiq's journal two of our friends are dead. I'm both sickened and saddened by this unnecessary loss. It did not need to happen. I actually feel hate towards them as well as feelings of emense sadness, especially at the loss of jill.

News reports have labelled them as "heroin adicts". But they were first and foremost they were friends. I remember the night Jill and I nearly got kicked out of the glock and beaten up by several regulars because we were drunk and singing songs at each other far louder than the DJ could manage. And the night we went to nottingham to see Faster Pussycat.. I'd driven up there and Jill convinced me to drink and we could sleep in my car. Well... drink we did.. so much so that we LOST my car!! (well we got lost the car was where we left it!). After an hour or so of stumbling around nottingham we eventually found it - in a multi-story carpark opposite rock city!! it was made funnier still by the fact that although we slept in the car the car park itself was connected to a plush and expensive hotel!! the looks on peoples faces as we stumbled thru to the toilets in the morning as they ate their breakfast... two scuzzy looking smelly rockers!!

Jill... Jamie... I'm gonna fuckin' miss you both. I'm so sorry there was nothing i could do to help you. You'll be forever in my heart. Take care the pair of you.
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some people [Dec. 17th, 2003|02:47 pm]
see now... there are sometimes events that you cause that you SHOULD appologise for.

There are sometimes things that happen that you have no idea of the cause and are not to blame yet you get treated like you've killed someone for it. you try to sort the mess out but people are demanding appologies for things that you don't need appologies for. Then you find out that they do actually want to sort the mess out but it's up to YOU to make the first move and it's ok.. they don't want an appology!

then you get people who are incapable of being friends with both parties who one minute are your friend the next they wont speak to you and blank you. thing is you don't care cos yuo consider them to be a waste of space anyhow.

had to get that load of nonsense off my chest.
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BUZZ [Dec. 13th, 2003|11:44 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |fingz wot i made in BUZZ]

BUZZ... it's a tracker... it's GREAT!! remember OCTAMed on the Amiga and things like that? well.. it takes that idea and feeds it full of coke and it comes out smelling of roses... this program is awesome!!

also .. am at work.. and you know the best thing about my job? when this particular service user opens up and talks to you. When you're helping a person to build their self esteem to the point where they can talk (even if just to you) without feeling ashamed or embarresed by what they have to say... making breakthru's with the "service users" is the best part of this job. it's all about helping them to help themselves... so i think you should all do yourself a favour and become support workers.. you have ability... help these PEOPLE to get that ability too.

wow.. i sound like a fucking advert...
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MAIDEN MAIDEN MAIDEN [Dec. 13th, 2003|08:08 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |some dance shit is playing in the other room]

Finally.. after 14 long years of dedicated album and single (and even the odd calendar) I GOT TO SEE MAIDEN!!! I bought nikkiq the tickets for her birthday.

It was amazing.. when they played Wrathchild (second song) all the hairs stood on the back of my neck and i was grinning from ear to ear! My only problem with the set, but this is also my biggest compliement as well, is that they concentrated on mainly newer songs. They only played Wrathchild, The Trooper, Can i play with madness, number of the beast, iron maiden, fear of the dark and run to the hills. The rst of the set was comprised of songs from Dance of Death, one or two from Brave new world and Lord of the Flies from X-Factor! (X-FACTOR!!?!

but still something that i'd been looking forward to for 14 years and well worth the wait!!

Course things did not run smoothly getting there. Both nikki and I had huge hangovers (niks worse than mine, but only slightly!) bought on by thursday nights excess... just double vodka lime and soda water... nothing else... the night is very blurry in my memory... don't think i offeneded anyone.. but then they're not gonna be reading this... so an appology here would be out of place. (tho if by some coincidence anyone is then i'm sorry.) let's just say it was a good night and to the fat ugly woman in the toilets... when ya gotta... ya gotta. no appologies for that!

and now after two great days i'm at work. on a saturday night as well. oh well.. atleast i can't drink to the point where i have NO idea of what i'm doin'/saying... although there are some interesting perscription drugs here... (JOKING!! JOKING!!)

au voir...
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